Badger Ordnance

Badger AR Tactical Latch


The Tactical Latch is an extended charging handle latch and was developed to allow rapid operation of charging handle with the right or left hand, gloves, wet, mud and snow or ice. The latch is perfect for flat top AR-15/M16 series rifles which utilize a...

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Bravo Company USA

BCM Gun Fighter Charging Handle Model 5


BCM Gun Fighter Charging Handle Model 5. Heavy-duty charging handle has an innovative, oversized latch that distributes pull force evenly across the handle to aid in fast, smooth, reliable operation with the support hand. Prevents the critical roll pin...

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Bootleg Charging Handle


If you’0Ive been hunting for the best charging handle, look no further! Bootleg, Inc. prides ourselves in taking the time to design and produce the best AR accessories and custom AR parts, and our 5.56 Charging Handle is no different. It is made...

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